"Johnathan was very helpful throughout the process of acquiring and delivering the kitchen. He is extremely knowledgeable and helpful regarding how to fit, repair and acquiring extra units. We would never have managed the granite on our own! I would definitely recommend his services."


"John helped us out at the last minute and removed our new kitchen without damage and delivered it the same day. The granite cutting surface was excellent and the carpenter has fitted the worktops today and they look great."



"The kitchen removal company were brilliant at removing my old kitchen. Jonathan liaised before the date of the job and everything was done on time, without damage to the fabric of my home and professionally."


Clapham, Seller

"Jonathan did everything we agreed and left our empty kitchen clean and safe for the builders."

Ann Marie

Putney, Seller

"The kitchen removal company delivered my new kitchen without damage and on time. Johnathan and his team were polite and he explained how things should be stored safely. When they opened the van everything was wrapped and protected in removal blankets."



"I would like to say thank you to the kitchen removal company for removing my old kitchen and giving the old kitchen to a new home. The kitchen was still in good working order and was received by our potential buyer in a very good condition after been removed from our kitchen. The granite removal was a success even though promises could not be made. The kitchen removal company made the granite removal look so easy with their equipment to remove it. I would be happy to recommend The Kitchen removal company to anyone who wishes to sell their old kitchen on rather than it being scrapped this seems to me more friendly to our planet."



"Thank you to Jonathan & your team at the kitchen removal company. Everyone was brilliant. I can’t believe how you guys made the job look so easy. Everyone was so pleasant & the process seemed so quick. Well done. Thank you to everyone at the kitchen removal company everyone was wonderful at removing my kitchen & I was so happy to see it go to make room for my new kitchen. Great news! old kitchen has gone so looking forward to my new kitchen arrival. Just like to say thank you to the team & a wonderful job they done to my kitchen at removing it."



"Totally amazing how the kitchen removal company managed to remove my kitchen. A lift came in to remove my kitchen from the basement. You made a hard job look easy. Well done guys & thank you ever so much"



"We have been working with TKRC for a number of years now and cannot praise their service highly enough. We sell high-end kitchens with expensive worktops and we need to know that whoever is going into remove the kitchen knows exactly what they are doing. Kitchens are not installed with their removal in mind. Jonathan and his team have not only got every piece of specialist equipment needed to carefully remove kitchens, but they have honed their technique to the point where no job is too big or too small. They are a professional and hardworking team and have a long list of happy clients to prove it."

Neil - Kitchen Exchange


"May I take this opportunity to say how impressed I was with the appearance, attitude and overall professionalism that your guys carried out the removal of the kitchen in what was not ideal conditions. They are a credit to your business."


Chiltern Place

"As we live a long way from the kitchen we had bought online, we handed the responsibility of removing and delivering it to the The Kitchen Removal Company. Jonathan and his team were absolutely brilliant from day 1. Communication is one of their strongest qualities, as was professionalism and care. Throughout the entire process we were kept fully informed and even had a photo of the team at work. Every item as removed perfectly and delivered promptly, even up a particularly narrow and bumpy farm track. My husband was there to receive the delivery and said that Jonathan's team were very courteous and extremely helpful. Our entire experience with this company has been faultless and made the whole process stress free. Another big plus was that their pricing was very competitive considering they removed everything from the kitchen, including marble wall panels and appliances, packed it and delivered them 200 miles in about 10 hours. I would highly recommend using The Kitchen Removal Company and would definitely do so again should the need arise."

Raya and Nick Griffiths


"Hi Jonathan, Just dropping a line to say the kitchen is safely in our storage unit. We were incredibly impressed with the guys and the care they took of the kitchen. Based on this experience, we would definitely be keen to have you move the kitchen again when the house is ready, and fit it too. I will give you a call tomorrow to discuss. Thanks so much"



"Brilliant. Happily recommend. Great bunch of guys very professional. Thank you very much."



"Excellent Job by the big man and his team, my entire commercial kitchen was removed and craned from our building in one day as promised. If your thinking of refurbishing talk to John as they minimised our downtime and didn't damage anything."

Chris Buckingham


"The Kitchen removal boys were all clean and in matching shirts, They talked me through days events and by two o'clock they had swept up and driven away. Eugene is a lovely man and I felt very comfortable with the guys in my home. I hope Jenny enjoys her new kitchen"



"Hi Jonathan, the kitchen has been delivered safely the guys were lovely & very professional and they're now on their way home. I would definitely recommend your services, I'm a very happy customer!"



"Hi Jonathan! What a great team of chaps, careful, polite, thoughtful, cheerful and strong. We look forward to working with them again recutting and fitting the granite. Happy to recommend. Thank you. Look forward to working with them again. Kind regards."



"If you want a kitchen moved then look no further. Jonathan and his team arranged everything with the showroom and even sent me pictures as the day progressed. Eugene called me when an hour away and they took care of our new kitchen and all walls and floors. Very impressed."

Rebecca Newcastle


"Jobs team were very punctual and clean. They removed my kitchen with out any damage to the kitchen or my property and left a clean area with all the services safely isolated. I would thoroughly recommend you use the kitchen removal company"




We just wanted to say many thanks to all the team, for your amazing work moving a secondhand Harvey Jones kitchen so quickly from London to North Yorkshire. 

We could never have done it ourselves, as the cabinets were solid pieces of furniture rather than flat-packed. Even the smaller lengths of granite would have defeated us. 

Not only did you get the kitchen moved quickly, carefully and efficiently, but all of this was arranged with 4 days notice, and you pulled out all the stops to get it done despite your busy programme. 

The kitchen seller in London was amazed it could be removed so quickly. By the time she got to her house mid-morning, she was surprised to hear from her builders that it was already on its way up to Yorkshire. 

You people make what seems impossible (a second-hand kitchen purchase was done at a great distance) make perfect sense and seem so easy. Of course that doesn't mean it isn't arduous work for you:but you clearly are expert at this, and the removal costs were worth every penny for us. Many many thanks.


Catherine and Stephen F

North Yorkshire


Jonathan was a star very informative keeping us up to date with our delivery, he could tell us how far out the delivery was and gave us a call before the arrival of our kitchen so that we were at home on time. This allowed us to go out during the day and carry out our errands and collect our children from school without any hassles. 

We are extremely happy with the services that The Kitchen Removal Company had to offer us including the safe delivery of our kitchen. 

What an achievement!!!! 

I can’t believe that the team dismantled this kitchen and brought it to us in excellent condition including the granite which is a difficult to move being so heavy and fragile. Nothing Stops these guys big and heavy not a problem…….. The kitchen Removal Company, they take care from packing it, loading it, to transporting it, to unpacking it. It’s like they love it! 

The kitchen was wrapped and also wrapped in blankets on transport, the team were happy, and they carried out a good service to us. 

This company takes extra special care in what they do. The team that came to us covered our floors before dismantling and moving the kitchen out of our property. Our floors are new the flooring was put down a few weeks before of which I had concerns about prior to dismantle of our kitchen, I did speak to The Kitchen Removal Company prior to removal and they helped to come up with a solution before dismantling could commence. I’m so grateful for the kitchen removal company to do this as our time slot for the flooring could not be moved. 

Bob came to visit whilst our kitchen was being taken out he was such a lovely, cute, behaved dog. He let the team get on dismantling whilst he was here he wrapped himself up in his blanket and looked so cosy. 

He also stayed by the van monitoring what was going into the van. Bob loves attention and being made a fuss of, the team love Bob, and so does everyone else. 

The team who came to dismantle our kitchens from our showroom worked within a good time frame to complete the task at hand. It was interesting to see how these people work and how the kitchen came out. The granite lifting equipment was impressive to see, as the brace for the granite worktops went on and safely removed the tops it was put on a dolly for safe transportation to the vans. All I can say is well impressed with this company & its staff.



The Kitchen Removal Company go the extra mile when it comes to providing a comprehensive service for our customers, staying true to our commitment to exceptional standards and top quality results.