Bobs Blog

Bob joined the Kitchen Removal team in June last year. He is a rescue dog and we don’t know too much about his first year of life.
Bob has adapted to the finer comforts of life quickly and loves any cushions or throws.
He comes along to most jobs and loves watching out the window and being generally nosey.
He has met a couple of famous owners dogs and played with them without being star struck and has enjoyed running around one customers beautiful ten acre barn conversion with there Labrador Lola. Both arriving back very wet and proud of there muddy state.
The whole team enjoy playing with him and he gets given lots of yummy treats.
We thought we would start Bobs blog to share his adventures.
Stay tuned for the next installment.

Bob had a fabulous day today. we travelled down to not so sunny Sandbanks to remove a beautiful Mark Wilkinson kitchen that has found a new home in the Spain. while the team removed the kitchen Bob went to explore the beach with Nyree and made lots of new friends. The kitchen was loaded onto our 7.5 ton lorry and we now hold a full international operators licence, allowing us to do our own deliveries and guaranteeing the quality of the delivery service. Bob sat on the tail lift doing his quality control checks and after his approval the lads locked the lorry and headed for the port. they should be down in Marbella on Friday morning. Bob slept all the way home!

Today Bob has been helping at our new warehouse in SE London. He has been woofing at the security people as they fit the new cameras and decided he wanted to sit on the forklift as we moved 5 Sub Zeros fridges and 3 Wolf ranges that Kitchen Exchange have stored with us. He has now decided a sleep is well deserved after all his hard work.

Bob has been to central London today. He sat watching out the window all the way and seemed particularly happy driving along the Mall, maybe he could smell the corgis! The team were dismantling a very large ex display from a showroom on Wimpole Street. We started early to avoid the traffic and parking issues and by 11am we left a vacuumed clean space where the kitchen had sat. We came back to South London on the Woolwich ferry, something that always fascinates Bob and he is now fast asleep on the setee.

Today went to Sussex and it snowed. Bob likes his comforts and was really not impressed with the snow and curled up on a blanket while we dismantled a beautiful hand built painted kitchen

Bob has been in Wandsworth today helping dismantle a large Mowlem kitchen. The highlight of his day was stopping at the Tom's café on Clapham Common and having a sausage and a good woof at the ducks, much to the fisherman's disgust. The girls have all fallen in love with Bob and he always get served first. he is now hogging the throw on the setee.

Bob has been very lazy and has been staying at home in the warmth, cant blame him!! He is back at work Monday.

Bob went to help out a family in Virginia Water and made friends with another Golden retriever today. Bob made a valuable friend today that shared his water with him as it was hot, as well as some of his treats. The two dogs had a mini picnic whilst watching the men bringing the kitchen out to be loaded onto one of the vans Bobs new friend was curious as to what was going on. Bob would like to say Thank you to the family who looked after him and his new-found friend, with plenty of water during this hot day.

Bob was enjoying work today but somehow got distracted there gleaming at him he came across a rugby ball and company. Two young lads had just finished university and were on their summer holiday break. Bob is always happy to see new people and he was really happy to see these two lads. Bob went for a lovely walk with these lads and when they got back Bob was playing piggy in the middle with this rugby ball running from one end of the garden to the other chasing this ball after all the games Bob was very tired and decided to crash under a sheltered bush away from the sun. Bob would like to thank the lads for a lovely time that they gave him playing ball & walks in the sunshine.

Bob went to survey a kitchen that needed to come out of a property that has just been brought. He went to view the access to the property as it may have some difficulties with removing kitchen appliances etc. This can prove to be quite difficult to move or manoeuvre around corners within a property to steps which men would carry up and down. So, Bob went to see how access to the property would be carried out before work can commence. Bob not only decided to view the kitchen but also the grounds, Bob was taking in possible places to go whilst this job can be carried out as well. Watching spots for Bob to keep an eye on work whilst being there to do the work