Kitchen Transportation

If you have purchased a new kitchen and would like it delivering, then you will have to think about how you are going to do this in a way that doesn’t risk damaging any part of the kitchen. We have a vast experience of moving kitchens in all locations and difficult levels of access. We have a range of specialist equipment to protect the kitchen and the buildings the kitchen is being removed and delivered to. We are fully insured for goods in transit and damage to any buildings. Our modern fleet of vehicles range from 3.5 ton to 7.5 ton and are all satellite tracked. All our dollies and carts have low impact wheels and non mark wheels. If you would like some more information about the service we can provide, just get in touch with us today.

Kitchen Removals

Removing a kitchen is a very skilled job to not cause damage to the kitchen or the property it is being dismantled from. We have lots of experience and equipment to get your new kitchen out safely and damage free. We have braces to support the stone at time of removal and transport and all appliances will be shrink wrapped in a 200 gauge plastic film to protect them fully. Depending on the finish of the cabinets we will either shrink wrap them if high gloss or wrap them in removal blankets.

Kitchen Fitting

Refitting a used kitchen is a specialist business. We have a wealth of experience and all our fitting teams carry a full range of tools and granite handling and cutting equipment. We offer a dry fit service so you need your plumbing, drains, electrics and gas in the correct positions. Every kitchen is individual and you might not refit your kitchen back in the same configuration it was previously in. Please call us to discuss all options and to get a quote.

Plumbing, Gas and Electrics

We have qualified electricians and plumbers and if we are removing a kitchen from a property we will leave all electrics isolated and ends protected and all water connections isolated at local valves or capped if no inline valves. We can disconnect any gas cookers as long as there is an inline valve. If no valve a gas specialist will be required.


If you have purchased your new kitchen and are not quite ready yet or need it storing while you have work done to your property we can offer fully secured and insured storage at our own 6500sqft warehouse in South East London. We charge on a weekly basis and each kitchen is quoted individually depending on size. Please contact us for our very competitive quotes.

Showroom Removals

If you are a kitchen seller and want your ex display kitchens removed with the least amount of disturbance please contact us for a quote. We work for several mayor manufactures and independents. We can work safely, quietly and keep your showroom live for customers as we remove any size display. We can supply details of other very happy showroom owners as references