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We are The Kitchen Removal Company, a London based specialist dismantlers and removal company of used kitchens, worktops and appliances. We have specialist tools for moving all heavy fridges, ranges and ovens. We can release and move all sizes of worktops, Corian and all types of stone and granite. We have specialist dollies, handles and braces for handling them and we will build a wooden cradle to move any worktops we deem necessary. Whilst we cannot guarantee the structural strength of any worktop we do have an excellent record to date. We are fully insured for both public liability and goods in transit and can produce a schedule of works and method statements for all tasks and liaise with any building or estate management companies. All units have their edges taped to avoid any damages and are wrapped in professional removal blankets ready for us transporting them. We can dismantle any size or weight of kitchen and we have experience of using a crane should access to remove the kitchen not be possible. We can deliver to anywhere in the British Isles and can arrange delivery to Europe or the rest of the world by quotation. Prior to commencement of any job we will ask both the seller and buyer about access to the properties and any obstacles like steps, sharp turns, parking restrictions or small doors that could affect how we proceed. Should you have any further questions please contact us and we will endeavour to answer them for you.

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Our services

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What our customers are saying about us...

Jonathan was a star very informative keeping us up to date with our delivery, he could tell us how far out the delivery was and gave us a call before the arrival of our kitchen so that we were at home on time. This allowed us to go out during the day and carry out our errands and collect our children from school without any hassles. 

We are extremely happy with the services that The Kitchen Removal Company had to offer us including the safe delivery of our kitchen. 

What an achievement!!!! 

I can’t believe that the team dismantled this kitchen and brought it to us in excellent condition including the granite which is a difficult to move being so heavy and fragile. Nothing Stops these guys big and heavy not a problem…….. The kitchen Removal Company, they take care from packing it, loading it, to transporting it, to unpacking it. It’s like they love it! 

The kitchen was wrapped and also wrapped in blankets on transport, the team were happy, and they carried out a good service to us. 

This company takes extra special care in what they do. The team that came to us covered our floors before dismantling and moving the kitchen out of our property. Our floors are new the flooring was put down a few weeks before of which I had concerns about prior to dismantle of our kitchen, I did speak to The Kitchen Removal Company prior to removal and they helped to come up with a solution before dismantling could commence. I’m so grateful for the kitchen removal company to do this as our time slot for the flooring could not be moved. 

Bob came to visit whilst our kitchen was being taken out he was such a lovely, cute, behaved dog. He let the team get on dismantling whilst he was here he wrapped himself up in his blanket and looked so cosy. 

He also stayed by the van monitoring what was going into the van. Bob loves attention and being made a fuss of, the team love Bob, and so does everyone else. 

The team who came to dismantle our kitchens from our showroom worked within a good time frame to complete the task at hand. It was interesting to see how these people work and how the kitchen came out. The granite lifting equipment was impressive to see, as the brace for the granite worktops went on and safely removed the tops it was put on a dolly for safe transportation to the vans. All I can say is well impressed with this company & its staff.